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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Retarded Retard
By: Thebecoming

Is there such a thing as a retarded retard? Like a retard that is extra retarded? If so. That's how I would describe dumbass. I'm changing his name from Mr. M to dumbass. Why you ask? Cuz he is a retarded retard.

I've been arguing with dumbass about several things these past two months. One of them is a portal layout, which he being a dumbass called "porthole". 

Well to begin with I've spent about 90hrs on the portal layouts. 70 of whic... [Read More]

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Problem Solved.
By: Thebecoming

Seriously.. Problem Solved. Completely. Without a doubt. This will solve all the problems. Fuck.. /sarcasm.

Some days (which is every day) I want to beat Mr. M with a bat. About a month ago we created a new site with a login. We didn't give the members a choice on their username and password. Stupid idea to begin with. But the username and password is easy to remember. So what ever.

Well two problems have come up. Unrelated but with the login system.

... [Read More]

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Thursday, 14 August 2008
The Wednesday Night Blues
By: Thebecoming

Why God?! Why!

There is a girl at a bar I go to on Wednesdays who is without a doubt Too Fat To Wear That. She wears some sort of tank top shirt and daisy dukes with fishnets that are 4 sizes too small and she is 8 sizes too fat. God it looks horrid. Not only that, I catch her all too often sitting with her legs spread. Cottage Cheese up the run to her nasty fucking crotchal area. Its like her ass is trying to eat her pants from the back and her crotch is trying to eat her pants... [Read More]

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008
The Circle of Dumbass
By: Thebecoming

It has come time to create a new web site for a client of mine. It is going to be a fight.

I was out at my client's office this past week. We were to have a meeting about the new site to discuss layouts and features. I was asked to find 50-100 layouts of sites that are similar to what the company site will be like.

I collected 135 layouts. Every thing from what the non logged in area will look like to the members area to the forum, KB, schedules, articles section... [Read More]

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Thursday, 15 May 2008
Douche... Bag!
By: Thebecoming

Among the many stereotypes I really don't like I've got to say White Trash is at the top of my list. And last night proved that my stereotyping skills are right on the money.

I regular a bar on Wednesday nights that brings in a different crowd. It is Goth Night/Industrial Night. So we get a wide range of people. Those who are hardcore goth to people who just like the music or the scene. But there has been a growing presence of White Trash. At first it was just one. Then ... [Read More]

Posted: 9:11 AM in People Blow and Lick Taint

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